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產品詳情 / Detail

Technical parameters

The input voltage

Three-phase AC380V plus or minus 10%

The output voltage

DC 0~100V(Can be customized according to customer requirements)

The output current

DC 2000~30000A(Can be customized according to customer requirements)

Output characteristic

Constant current/constant pressure

Output waveform

Dc, LOW frequency DC pulse/intelligent composite waveform

Voltage regulation accuracy


Accuracy of steady flow


Rated efficiency


The power factor


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Cooling way

Water cooled

Product introduction

        Our all-digital intelligent oxidation power supply series is a new generation of all-digital intelligent energy-saving power supply based on the technical characteristics of high-frequency switching power supply combined with the characteristics of oxidation process, from the power factor, output efficiency, output waveform and the quality assurance of the power supply for oxidation film forming process. Through the actual test results and data analysis, under the same environment, this series of power can effectively improve the efficiency of oxidation film formation, and further ensure the uniform consistency of film thickness and accurate control of film thickness.

Product features

(1) High efficiency and energy saving: through the adoption of a full range of soft switch technology, digital control technology and optimization design of each link, the efficiency of the whole machine reaches more than 93%, and the power factor is greater than 0.96;

(2) Intelligent operation: Just click the preset "Film thickness" to complete the operation. The use of a variety of built-in formula program of the machine supercomputing functions, no need for traditional power input voltage, current, area, etc., greatly reduce the complexity of the operation and the dependence on the maturity of workers, fast and convenient;

(3) on the film speed and can realize the precise control of film thickness: comparing the oxidation of power industry, due to the frequency and the frequency and the phase/and out-of-phase patent parallel technology, cooperate with the change of the output waveform (pulse waveform, sawtooth waveform, composite intelligent waveform), through the actual measurement, in the same environment, power industry, the film speed increases by more than 10%, especially for solar thick film materials, the effect is much better; At the same time, due to the use of digital DSP circuit control, improve the output current control accuracy and ensure the consistency of the output waveform, can realize the accurate control of the film thickness;

(4) Stability guarantee of the machine: N+ L redundant power supply system is adopted, with spare current remaining. In case of single machine failure, other single machine will automatically compensate the output to ensure the constant output power, so as to guarantee the continuous operation of production. The equipment has over current, over pressure, under pressure, lack of phase, overtemperature, soft start, abnormal water pressure/flow, cooling water overtemperature and three-phase unbalance and other perfect detection protection;

(5) Advantages of intelligent production management: The use of digital backup and transmission control system independently developed by our company can perfectly dock with the production ERP system and facilitate the realization of digital and intelligent modern production management mode.

Can be customized according to customer requirements